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Besides the trip to Stari Zaostrog (Old Zaostrog), which was abandoned after the great earthquake in 1962, (look at page ZAOSTROG), near Zaostrog trere are numerous interesting picnic areas for visitors and tourists. The closeness to the island Hvar, which is only a few kilometers away from Zaostrog, offers opportunities for all day relaxation and entertainment. Also, the shipping lines run each day to the Peljesac peninsula, which is 14 kilometers away. Among other trips it is important to emphasize the possibility of daily trips to the islands of Brac, Hvar, Korcula and peninsula Peljesac, daily bus trip to Dubrovnik, Makarska, Split, Medjugorje and Mostar, Krka waterfalls and rafting on the river Neretva. Also, you can rent a yacht and take adventure around of beauty Croatian coast.

Excursions by Ferry

Drvenik-Hvar (Sućuraj) – schedule for ferry between Drvenik (near Makarska) to Sućujar (Hvar) one can find at the website of the national shipping company Jadrolinija (look Split environment).
Drvenik-Korčula – in season, the seasonal ferry “Moli” from shipping company Linijska nacionalna plovidba d.d. Split ferries on line Drvenik-Dominče (Korčula). This ship can accommodate 40 cars and 193 passengers, and makes two round-trips a day.
Ploče-Trpanj (Pelješac) – schedule for ferry between Ploče and Trpanj (Pelješac), one can find at the website of the national shipping company Jadrolinija (look Split environment)


Diving center Felun acts as a diving club Felun in the neighboring town of Gradac and offers organized trips, courses and diving trainings and rents a diving equipment. Excursion boat Felun Jedan (Felun One) transports divers to the most attractive diving sites and organizes daily excursions to the islands of Hvar (Sućuraj, Hvar), Korčula (city of Korčula) and Brač (Bol), and the Pelješac peninsula (Duba-Beautiful-Trpanj) and offers night panorama (Gradac-Drvenik-Gradac).
The ship has a capacity of 119 people, and the benefits of this vessel in relation to the others is that all guests can sit and eat at the table, they can get a coffee, beer on tap and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, quality fish, grilled meat and french fries.


A hiking is the activity that one can practice on many mountain paths in close proximity to Zaostrog. Here one can find more information about hiking s detailed description of paths, high difference that has be be reached, path lengths, hiking duration and the complexity of path. For more info click on picture left.


Archaeological Museum “Narona” is in the Vid, place near Metković and is built over Augusteum (a temple dedicated to the Divine Augustus). The building of the museum was designed by the Croatian architect Goran Rako.
During the study in 1995. and 1996. at this unique archaeological site at least 19 statues, the remains of a Roman temple Augusteum and 16 statues of Roman emperors and other members of the imperial family were found. That form the basis of the museum collection. Construction of the museum begins by laying the foundation stone in 2004., and museum was opened to visitors in 2007. It is the first museum in the country to be constructed in situ. About 900 findings (statues, pottery, jewelry, glass, money …) from different locations in Narona, which date from the end of the 3rd century BC to the 15th century AD are exhibited to visitors.
Exhibits of the museum are divided into inner and outer part. Part of exhibits is in front of the museum building with exposed fragments and parts of the decoration of the temple and forums. Exhibition Hall is located on the site of the temple, and there the statues of emperors and imperial family are exposed. Archaeological material is exposed in five cabinets, and is divided into public life and architecture Narone. Special contribution to enriching the cultural and Croatian tourism, the museum was awarded a special recognition of the Croatian Tourist Board as part of the award “Blue Flower” for the 2007th year.


Neretva Canyon Rafting Club. The route is 24 km long and it can be overcome for 4-5 hours. It depends on the water level. Requires no previous experience. Your safety during this trip is ensured by professionally trained guides and top commanders and equipment (rafting suits, helmets, life jackets and paddles). The offer includes free parking for cars, transportation to the destination where rafting begins (Glavaticevo), local dishes (grilled dishes, prepared dishes, vegetarian dishes), barbecue at one of the resorts canyon, organized return to the initial goals.
Bring your swimsuit, sunscreen and extra dry clothes. Cameras and mobile phones will be placed in waterproof containers.
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